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I kinda want to say something about the site, but I dont want to clutter up the with my dumb thoughts that the vast number of visitors wouldnt care about. But youre looking at the source because you care about something, which probably is not my dumb thoughts, but here they are anyway. When Abe was alive, people would ask, what are you going to do when he dies? Well, the secrets out I updated the status. Only 2 minutes after he died, as r as I can tell, but didnt prevent people on twitter from ing about it. Years ago I did plan to write some sort of automated updater, like maybe something that would poll IMDB every 1 minutes, get their status, and autoupdate maybe? But thered still be the hassle of updating that automated script every so often to account for changes in whatever I was polling, and I couldnt get the motivation. And as it turned out I did manage to update within a half hour, so that minutes of consternation every few months or so were all for naught. And in some way, Abe was one of those guys who you figured would never really die. Partly because of the death hoax he had in 1something, and that was decades ago, so it had the feel of the universe having its joke and probably having the good sense not to bother with it again. And partly because he played this old slow guy on Barney Miller, and some eons later hes on Conan being some old slow guy, and youd get the feeling hed be alone in the postnuclear 23rd century wasteland looking for roaches to poop on. Im writing this about four hours after he died, and Ive already been asked this a number of times what are you going to do with the site now? Well, youre probably looking at it. Its still the same joke, just the other side of it. The site will continue to give the Abe Vigoda status, and you can still reload the for the update. And I wanted to write this now because it seems like I dont really have the interest in maintaining features like this anymore, so if I write this now, this is probably how this will remain until the site no longer exists. But thats whats getting me a bit. I hadnt really thought of that until a couple years ago when a guy with a defunct podcast asked me how long I would maintain the site after Abe died. And I said, Uh…well, until I die, I guess. Which suddenly put a shot of personal mortality into a thing that had been a vague, safer concept of mortality. Someday Abe would die, but celebreties are barely real, so a celebritys death is just the kind of thing you can make a one joke site out of. But I like the joke, the simplicity of it, the unpretentious but slightly odd honesty of it. The ct that its essentially been the same joke for 1 ! years adds to it, for me. Now, as its the other side of the same joke, the longer I maintain it, the more it ages. It has depth and character and probably an oaky finish if I knew what that was. And 10 years from now, 20 years from now, itll have that same quality. I mean its not a deep belly laugh kind of joke, but could you imagine how it would feel to look at this site giving the Abe Vigoda status after its been online for 3 years? So I want it to go on forever, but of course it wont. What am I, a rich guy? Its not like Im going to hire a lawyer to maintain a trust for hosting provisions to be maintained after I die. So probably the status of Abe Vigoda being dead will continue until I myself am dead, and the reality of that is unexpectedly me think about the finality of death more than usual. I kinda feel like itd be a funny meta joke if some kid being born now were to grow up and eventually register which would go on for decades after I die, but Im just now thinking thats possibly actually a metaphor with implications that Im not currently interested in exploring. But for as long as this goes on, itll amuse me. And actually Im putting this in a hidden rather than comments, to increase the chance that its picked up by web archivers. And thats even a bit of a fools errand anyway, because if very few people are going to read this, how many are going to read the source of this in an archive after the site is gone? But somehow just putting the words here and knowing itll be saved Somewhere Else actually feels a little better. Its not that people will read it, but just knowing theres a possibility that it will continue to exist. Well, thanks Abe. I know Im writing all about me here, but thanks for being who you were, and thanks for having a sense of humor about yourself which inspired this. I have no idea if you were any good with technology or if you ever saw this site, but I am sure people around you knew about it and told you about it. Either you didnt understand it, or didnt care…and while Im inventing a conversation with you, Im also going to invent the scene where someone showed it to you, you were puzzled, but laughed, shook your head, and appreciated that it was just a harmless fun bit of crazy. Greg 2 Jan 201igoda stanfl nike jerseys 2013tus

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