2012 nfl nike jerseysGuess who had the NFLs topselling jersey in 201 (admin posted on September 30th, 2018 )

2012 nfl nike jerseysGuess who had the NFLs topselling jersey in 201The veteran defensive end said this week hes dealing with personal issues but promised to…

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If you can keep Colemans 201 journey straight, you deserve an award

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Top1 selling NFL jerseys from April 1, 201 to Feb. 2, 201

Guess who had the NFLs topselling jersey in 201

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Back in September, Shermansjersey wasnt evenin the top2.

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The Pro Bowl safety has not played since Week 1 of the 201 season

Guess who had the NFLs topselling jersey in 201

The most impressive part of the jersey sales list though is probablyTom Bradycheckingin with the fourthmost popular jersey. Bradys been thePatriotsfulltime starter since 2001, so youd think everyone in Boston would own at least three Brady jerseys apiece by now.

We break down all the Friday injury reports to get you ready for Week in the NFL

As for Wilson, anything with his name on it seems to be selling, hisTexas Rangers jersey has alsobeen a topseller. I know what youre thinking, and no, Wilsons jersey doesnt come with a free volleyball.

Sorry, Bears ns, but the Packers quarterback seems to prefer that you just go away

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady had two of the top highestselling jerseys in 201. The other three topfive players? All in the NFC West.

Leo Kane, the NFLs senior vice president of consumer products, toldtheSeattle Timesthat it was one of the best weve ever had, if not the best ever.

Thanks in large part to Seattles playoff run, the Seahawks finished the 201 season with three of the topsix selling jerseys on . QuarterbackRussell Wilsonfinished 201 with theNFLs topselling jersey. Running backMarshawn Lynchfinished with fifthhighest selling jersey and cornerbackRichard Shermanended the season with the sixthhighest selling jersey. The sales were counted from April 1, 201Feb. 2, 201.

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Heres how big the bump was On Dec. 1, Wilson had the thirdbest selling jersey, Lynch was at 11 and Sherman was 1th. In a period of only two months, Wilson moved up to No. 1, while Lynch and Sherman both moved into the topsix.

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Oh and just in case youre wondering, last years. RG fell all the way to 11th this year, which would put him behind the Seahawks 12th Fan jersey. Yes. Thats right. A No. 12 Seahawks jersey that says Fan on it, would be ranked 10th on the list below,according to m.

Winning a Super Bowl is always a good thing when it comes to increasing jersey sales, but it was a really, really good thing for theSeahawks.

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