Jaguars set to unveil new uniforms for 201 season; one possiblenfl nike jerseys 2013 detail leaked (admin posted on October 28th, 2018 )

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The Jaguars have always had one of those uniforms that people either seem to love or hate, and their helmet was no exception. For the past five seasons, the Jags have been wearing a twotoned helmet that I personally love but a lot people seem to dislike.

After wearing them for just five years, theJacksonville Jaguarshave decided to dump their uniforms.

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The ct that the Jaguars will be getting new uniforms this year is somewhat of a surprise, but only because theyve had their current uniform for only five years. The Jaguarscurrent lookwas unveiledback in April 2013. Theres been speculation all season that the Jaguars would be a change this year, but the team didnt officially announce it until Monday.

The Jaguars are dumping their old uniforms after just five seasons

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Say goodbye to this piece of art. The Pro Bowl will be the final game for Jaguars in the widely mocked, twotone /C3p2awA2Z

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The Jagsalso sold teal burgers and teal beerat their playoff game, so someone in Jacksonville clearly loves teal.

Although we dont know any specific details on the new uniforms, Mark Long of the Associated Preays the helmet will likelybe all black. We can probably also assume that theres going to be a lot of teal involved because that was a big for the Jaguars in 201. After going three seasons without wearing teal, the Jagswore the for two gamesin 201, against theBengalsandSeahawks.

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The team announced on Monday that theyll be unveiling a new look for the 201 season, and the good news for Jaguars ns is that they wont have to wait long to see the new uniforms. According to the team, the new look will be unveiled at some point in April.

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The Pro Bowl safety has not played since Week 1 of the 201 season

Jaguars set to unveil new uniforms for 201 season; one possible detail leaked

On the negative end, the Jaguars will be raising ticket prices in 201. However, the higher ticket cost will be somewhat offset by the ct that the team will be lowering concession prices for the upcoming season.

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Jaguars set to unveil new uniforms for 201 season; one possible detail leaked

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Besides dumping their uniforms, the Jags will also be some other changes for the upcoming season. For one, the team will finally be getting rid of the tarp that covers the upper deck at Everbank Field. The removal of the tarp will add an extra 3,01 seats for each home game.

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